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Herbert Sulzbach before World War 2



childhood in Frankfurt


Herbert Sulzbach was born in 1894 into a wealthy Jewish banking family living on the Friedrichstrasse in Frankfurt. He fought for Germany in 1914 and was decorated twice.



new beginnings in Neubabelsberg


After the war, Sulzbach was apprenticed to the family bank but disliked the work, so his father bought a small luxury paper factory for him to manage. He married young and his marriage quickly faltered as the factory prospered.



Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s


After his divorce, Sulzbach married an actress. They lived in 1920s Berlin and had many friends in artistic and theatrical circles. The political situation deteriorated for them and in the 1930s Sulzbach was forced by the Nazis to sell his factory. He fled to London with his daughter. His wife and her sister followed later.




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Sulzbach's childhood home was in Friedrichstrasse in Frankfurt.