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Herbert Sulzbach during World War 2




In May 1940 Sulzbach and his wife were interned on the Isle of Man as 'enemy aliens'. It was a wretched and bitter experience. Meanwhile, their home in London was bombed.



in the Pioneer Corps


On release from internment, Sulzbach joined the Pioneer Corps of the British Army. He worked erecting anti-invasion blockades in southern England. His wife stayed with friends, until she was bombed out a second time. When German speakers were needed as interpreters for German Prisoners of War, Sulzbach was sent to a camp at Comrie, Perthshire.



at Comrie


A murder had recently been committed when Sulzbach arrived at Comrie in January 1945. He was convinced that the 4,000 young prisoners there were all ardent Nazis, but he worked with individuals amongst them to change their opinions. Gradually he gained their trust and confidence, and his success in their re-education was spectacular. He also changed his own ideas about Nazi allegiance. A year later he was promoted to Captain and transferred to a camp for German Officers in Northumberland.




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PoW camp at Comrie, Scotland.